Friday, May 1, 2009

Everybody Sing

What do you do with a drunken neighbor? Remember that old song, except substitute sailor for neighbor? In all the drama that is my life I have failed to notice what has been happening in the backyard directly next to mine. When we first moved in, DN took a chain saw and cut down every single tree in his backyard. Just clear cut the whole thing. He came over to our house and tried to convince us to let him cut all of our trees down, but we kinda like shade, oxygen, nature. etc...

Then he took gravel and completely covered the entire backyard. We're talking a 1/2 acre of rocks. No more grass, or garden or flowers. It was bare and ugly. But nature always finds a way and after a year or two, the grass has filled back in in some patches. It was about this time that two small portable office buildings appeared, then disappeared, sort of. He took the siding off and left the shell. Then he somehow combined them into a single building. Which looked great next to his big ass boat. Things stayed like that for a while. Until now.

I just looked outside and saw a lop-sided trampoline, a large chain-link cage (about 10x10x12), another HALF of a boat, the plastic base of a pool AND a giant truck with a tow-behind thing. Yee haw, it's a redneck spa. I don't even know how he fits all that stuff in the yard! Oh well, as long as he stays on his side of the fence, he can put in an outhouse for all I care.

And as for the conference...the teacher swears she never asked E to apologize, claimed that the reading group was "heterogenous" and switched out every few weeks and the E was ahead of the class in her math skills. I grilled E about the apology and her story has not wavered. I told her that she was going to have to meet with the principal (her worst fear) to discuss this with him and she still held firm that she was telling the truth. I asked her how long she has been a part of this reading group and she said it was the group she has been with since January. So, knowing the teacher has lied to me several times, whom do you think I believe?

Oh, and as for the teasing..the teacher's response was that the boys used inappropriate tones of voice, but "that's just life." I bought E the American Girl book that is used in conjunction with the Chrissa story and we are going to go through it a little bit each night and discuss all of these things. Oh...and while Hubby was meeting with the teacher, they "discovered" they were missing a book report for E and she now has homework for the weekend. We've never missed an assignment yet, so that was just amazing to hear. Can someone say "subtle punishment"?

Don't worry, I am not going to let this continue. I'm taking the weekend to plan my next move, but it's time to fight.

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Bubblewench said...

I would totally belive E over that teacher. That is just flat out messed up.