Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Pop. 259 has made the big time. There is a movie being filmed there and I am so excited. I almost peed my pants when they said the main character's house was an old white clapboard house right in downtown. I used to live in one of the 3 white clapboard houses in downtown. But alas, then they mentioned a hallway and there was no hallway in my lovely old homestead. But still, thar be famous actors out yar in my town! of the actors is a really big name who a long time ago (80's) used to be very sexy. Sadly, he is not now, but he was! All I can think is those actors must think they are really in the middle of nowhere. The town has no restaurants, no grocery store and the people, well, the people are good, God-fearing, flag-waving homegrown town folks who are all related to each other and HAVE been related to each other since before the Civil War. Seriously, the town used to be an old plantation town with a railroad stop. When the war ended, the former slaves stayed around and kept their former owner's last names. It really is a living history lesson to visit that town.

I just wish I had time to run out and watch. Pop. 259 will never be the same again.

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Jen said...

How exciting.. We just had George Clooney filming here. They put out fake snow it was kinda cool. But the news said the only reason they were here was because of the tax credit or ablility to film with out the tax they get in other places. Something like that, anyway it was cool to see a little Hollywood close to home.