Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Job Wanted

Every time I look for a new job, I am constantly amazed by the jobs that are available for the right person. But some of the jobs available in the area that we are moving to scare me. I came across an ad for a "Evening bar girl/Entertainer." This person must serve alcohol in a private room and do some light dancing. Hmmm...now I have nothing against the male entertainment industry or the people who dance for a living. But I am inclined to think that the church would look down on ME filling such a position.

There was also the Training Analyst position where Experience with E-6B weapons system is helpful, but not required. I don't even know what an E-6B weapon is but it says the job is classified "secret". If it is so secret, why are they advertising on Craigslist?

Or what about the graffiti artist for a bailbondsman? Writer for gay erotica? Polynesian dancer? You know what I am not seeing? Teaching positions. Banking positions. Pharmacy positions. All the things that I am qualified to do. But then again, I am ready for a change and to try something new. Hmmm...maybe I should look into the gay erotica writer more. That would definitely give me an outlet for my pastor's wife angst. Can I start it with "It was a dark and stormy night...the two stranger's eyes locked...then their lips...then their..."?

Hee hee. Next!


ty-ping said...

Do the Gay Erotica, if anything it'd be a story to tell when you're old and no one will believe you anyway.

Teaching positions, I've never seen anything ever posted on Craigs list before. My sister got her teaching job through my Mom, my Mom got her's through my brothers school and I got mine through my university.

try http://www.educationamerica.net/
although I've never taught in America so I don't know how reliable this source is

Bubblewench said...

I'd so read that story... hee..hee..