Friday, April 17, 2009

I Want to Make a Miracle Happen...HELP

Okay Internet, I'm putting it out here and looking for advice.

I have a friend who one year ago this week was suddenly struck 100% disabled by Ocular Myesthenia Gravis. In two weeks his business is closing down and he is going to have to file for bankruptcy. He also has diabetes, which due to his depression caused by everything, has become so severe as to need insulin. He has lost his lifelong faith and feels like, well, like life is out to get him.

He and I have been friends for about 12 years. We went to a concert in a hurricane and his daughter has babysat my daughter. He needs a miracle and I want to make it happen before I move away in June. It doesn't have to be a huge miracle, it doesn't have to involve lots of money, it just has to be enough to give him a moment to breathe normally and life his spirits for a day.

He is a fantastic photographer and has made monographs and sold some of his pictures at festivals and to individuals, but he says he doesn't know how to sell his pics to a larger audience. He is afraid to try because he just can't take failure one more time. I have never even contemplated selling pics for calendars or magazines, but I think he is that good. If there is someone out there who is a professional photographer, I need you to give me step by step advice. And I know, I could Google all of this and get advice, but that's not good enough. He won't do it that way. If I had a how-to from someone who is actually doing it, he might let me help him.

I'm putting myself in your hands, Cyberworld. I'm asking for help in making a miracle. I need to do this for him. I really need to make a difference this once. Help!


Green said...

I'm pretty sure any artist can post their art on, and other sites like it.

eitgc said...

One of my friends uses the Red Bubble website - it's free to upload photos:

They do prints (framed, mounted & laminated), greeting cards, posters etc and handle the posting etc to buyers. I am not sure of how much they take as commission but it could be a start for your friend...

Will keep him in my prayers too :)

FreeDragon said...

He needs the current edition of the Artists Market Guide (or whatever it's called) which lists magazines, greeting card companies, art galleries, etc. This book can be found in the library. Then he'll have a list of prospective clients and it won't cost more than postage or a phone call.

Terra Tenshi said...

I've used deviantArt a couple of times in the past. You can sign up for a free account and then post all available work or samples if you're willing to do custom work. I'll be the first to admit though, how much success you have can depend a lot on luck. also has a "photograph book now" which has some pretty awesome prizes for someone trying to break into the industry. Even if he doesn't want to enter he can use the service to make and sell his own photography book. Hope some of this might help.