Friday, April 24, 2009

Be careful what you say

My little 4-year old space cadet student hurt her knee today. She cut it pretty badly and we were chatting as I fixed her up. She asked me why she was bleeding and I told her that she had some "broken skin." All of a sudden she started screaming in terror, "MY SKIN'S BROKEN!!! What am I going to do?" It was quite the woe is me moment. I should have learned my lesson, but obviously I didn't because in trying to calm her I told her that people get cuts all the time and that her skin wasn't really broken, just torn a bit. "MY SKIN'S TORN!!! It's never going to stop hurting! What am I going to do NOW???!!"

Silly me.


E announced today: Mommy, I saw sex today at school.

(Whiplash head turn) Me: You did? Where?

E: In the dictionary. It was a guide word.


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