Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So....What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

I am a trustworthy person. I can keep a secret. I believe you should pay for what you get and get what you pay for. I used to work for the Home Office of Bank One and the powers that be thought I was so honest and reliable that I routinely walked around outside the bank with a bag filled with $40,000.00 in cash. I never once thought of stealing it. I worked in credit card fraud. I know enough about identity theft to do some damage and never get caught. But I would never do that. It's just not how I am wired. I don't believe in easy money.

So lately, as I have been looking at my move ahead, knowing I am moving to a city that has 15% unemployment and a hiring freeze on all teacher positions, I keep thinking of other ways to make money. Ways that would still allow me to pick E up from school. What would you do for money? What would I do for money?

See, a while back a movie rented our church for a location shoot. This movie just happened to star a popular young male celebrity. Not as popular as Zac Efron, but I would say he was a high B-list star. Anywho, I was the church representative for the closed shoot. The crew and actors were supposed to stay upstairs, only this star felt a little claustrophobic at being kept with the extras/fans, so his handlers snuck him downstairs into our nursery. I didn't know he was there and walked in on him in a state of, shall we say, undress. Shall we say extreme undress? He had a pair of boxers on and nothing else. I was shocked. I really hadn't expected to see anyone in the nursery. He CLEARLY hadn't expected to see me. We both stared for a few seconds without saying a word and I turned on my heels and slunk out of there as fast as I could. But all I could think was, "Damn, I wish I had a camera!"

And I felt horrible for having that thought! That poor kid is stalked by fans and paparazzi and is trying to get a moments peace and here I am wishing I had a camera so I could take a picture that I assume would have been a money shot. I was so ashamed. I have had the opportunity to meet a few famous people in my time and never once have I wanted to exploit the situation. But just because I was poor at the time, I was willing to be weak.

So anyway, here I sit, wondering again what I will do for money. I know I will do a lot of things, but at least I think I know, I won't do that.

Although now that I think of it, I'm not quite sure why the guy was only in his boxer shorts. Hmm?


Jeannie said...

Wardrobe change?

Could you do daycare at home?

FreeDragon said...

You're a teacher, tutor in your subject. If there's a college nearby you could proofread papers or charge to take class notes. I sew so when I need extra money I sell a quilt. There's always cleaning houses, most people can't resist the lure of a maid.

Veronica said...

I've been wondering how I could make money if I lose my job and can't replace it easily as well. I have to be off in time to get my child from school and that makes it even more difficult.

OK - I am dying to know who you are talking about! If we guess, will you tell us if we're right?

S. said...

I was going to suggest tutoring but someone else did. It's not exactly a steady paycheck, but it pays well for hourly work, and you have flexibility and a relatively easy job, as it's usually one kid at a time instead of 20 of them.

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Veronica, I went to your blog, but I have to leave an email address to send a message. I just can't do that and I can't publicly leave this info on my blog. It is a direct link to who I am and my church. Sorry.