Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Toot Toot

I know it's unattractive to boast, but...

My first round of students that I ever taught are all graduating from high school this year. I love these kids! They made me laugh on the dark days after my second miscarriage even though they never knew why I was so sad. They helped me up off the ground when I was finally fully pregnant and waddling around. My infant daughter was a 2-person work in their classroom and they even helped name her when Hubby and I couldn't decide between two names. They taught me everything I know about teaching kids with respect and to this day they keep in touch with me. Most of them are my Facebook friends so I can keep tabs on them.

One of my girls is in her senior year at a private school and has decided she is going to be a teacher. Her school offers an internship for the last semester as a teacher's helper. In order to qualify for the program she had to write an essay on why she wanted to be a teacher. She wrote about me. She said she remembered how in 4th grade, when she was struggling so much with math (because she had a mild case of dyslexia), I was always so patient with her. She said I always acknowledged that she had a learning difference but never made her feel different. And I never made her feel bad or stupid for not understanding the "usual" way something was explained. She wanted to be a teacher to make sure other kids like her had someone like me. That was the best compliment a teacher could ever get.

So excuse me if I boast. But after all the negative things happening in my life right now on top of the self-esteem beatings I have been taking at work, I think I would like to bask in the glow of knowing that I did something right. And not only did I do something right, but if this girl goes on to be a teacher, I passed it on.

Thanks, Universe, I needed a little lift today!


Jeannie said...

Ask her to write you a note of approval and you can copy it and hand it to the nasty people who want to drag you down.

Good stuff! It would be so nice to have some exhortation like that once in a while.

electricdaisy said...

Why did you take down the dead-body post? It was one of the most interesting things you've blogged about.

Bubblewench said...

That is awesome! Congraulations. What a success.

I missed a dead body post!!??? No fair!