Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Andie

I have another post coming later, but Andie posted something on her blog that I want to respond to right now.

GAY PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE KIDS!!! A true Christian would never judge another person's right to have kids based on their sexual preference. A true Christian would say God doesn't make mistakes so God must have made you gay and God blessed you with a kid and God gave you Tina. So Tina has just as much right to call Oakley her kid as you give her!

There. I yelled it from the cyber-rooftops. That's the best I can do!


Anonymous said...

You're a ROCK STAR!!!

Thanks! :-)


Anonymous said...

Amen sister!! If you are a wonderful parent (and I'm sure you are) then the rest doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

Ah, sanity. How refreshing. Thank you.

/ dw

Bubblewench said...

AMEN! I read that post too and was all panties in a bunch!