Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a few updates

I failed to mention several weeks ago that Uncle Junior died suddenly of a massive heart attack while he was still in he hospital. It took everybody by surprise and therefore was that much more devastating, but at least he was not alone. We did not attend the funeral because we were already on the Wild Island and committed to follow the course once there.

Whack job Ex-fiance has not called, although we have received several blocked calls that have gone unanswered. I received a lot of comments stating that I should not have insisted she call the house. I guess I just was marking my territory and showing her that my balls were bigger. I seriously doubt she will have the nerve to call the house.

For those of you who followed my old blog, Pregnant Partner and I have actually managed to form a gentle friendship again. We are never going to be more then superficial friends, but it is easy and nice and her son loves me, so she is happy. I am sorry for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, but it is TOO long to go into again.

E's teacher spent all week teaching her that MLK, Jr would have been 81 this year. At first I just rolled my eyes and phftted at it. I'm obviously not going to fight that battle. But then I got to thinking, am I willing to overlook the mistake because I am a middle class white American who never had any relative who had to sit in the back of the bus? What would I do if she were teaching the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1777 (and yes, I know it finished up being signed in 1777, but that's besides the point)? I just need to get E through this year.

Lastly, Evil Genius Neighbor's daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia and I am livid... judgmental and livid. This poor girl is a pawn in her parent's divorce and neither parent truly cares about her well-being. She has horrible asthma and her doctor and JUDGE has ordered the pets be removed from the houses, but her mom has a dog and a cat and her dad has a bird. She is behind in reading, but neither parent believes in reading to her at night. She has a learning disabilty and struggles in school, but that is partially because she goes to bed at 10:30 every night in both households. She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Monday and landed in the hospital on Friday. I wish they had just given her to me for the week and let me take care of her. And yes, I know any child can get sick and then sicker, but I know her situation and I have to believe she's in the hospital now because of the dogs and the cats and the lack of rest and probably because mom couldn't be bothered to give her her medicine consistently. Argh.

Usually I err on the side that we as parents are all just doing the best we can and sometimes we are great but most times we're lucky if our kids our dressed and they make it through childhood with half of their teeth in their head. But I have watched these parents fight over and around this child and...just...ARGH!!!

And for those of you who feel like I never stand up and speak up when things are bothering me , I stand up and speak up for this girl all the time and tell her dad off all the time. He knows how I feel, I don't pussy foot around the situation. So double ARGH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Uncle Junior.

Glad you're getting along better with the PP. See, there is hope. :-)