Friday, January 9, 2009

Clergy Family Conversations

In case you haven't been able to tell, my family is very liberal. So I was greatly distressed when my dad told me E had called something he did "gay." Now I know there is a lot of internet discussion back and forth about whether or not using the term "gay" as slang is appropriate or not, but I don't want my daughter using it unless she is describing Christmas ornaments or same-sex couples. After all, our church has several gay members and I have several life long gay friends. I don't want her to slip up in their presence and cause a riot.

So today Hubby, E and I were in the car and I asked her if she knew what gay meant. She said no, so I told her. The conversation degraded from there:

ME: Gay means when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman like mommy and daddy love each other.

E: Like your friend A is gay. Because she's married to a woman.

ME: Yes. Just like that.

E: But she's a witch, too. (She practices paganism)

ME: Yes, she's a gay witch.

E: But how did she learn to be a witch?

ME: Well, I think her mom and her grandma taught her.

Hubby: But I thought she was raised Catholic?

Me: Her dad is Catholic.

E: So she's a Gay Catholic Witch?

I wasn't about to get into the ramifications of all that, but if you ever wonder what your clergy talk about, it's probably not that. But then again, we're not your normal clergy family.


Anonymous said...

On some level, that is pretty funny. My 8 year old nephew said something to to my sister about periods. My sister asked him what he knew - he replied, "It's when your vajayjay leaks eggs." She just told him, straight faced, "Get on the bus." Of course, this happened at the school bus stop.

Kids pick up so much stuff from their peers. I know I'm guilty of saying, "That's gay." and I cringe every time time I say it. No, dw, it's NOT. It's actually an insult to many of your friends!

Good luck with teaching her. And thank heavens for liberal clergy!

/ dw

Living in Muddy Waters said...

I really just posted this to make A laugh. She is a life long friend and I think this will make her day. Plus, I can't wait to hear her response.

Michelle said...

I hate the word gay being thrown around too but that conversation was hilarious!

charli-tan said...

My home computer is broke, so I just read this today.

You crack me the hell UP! I just spit my juice on my key board. Out of my nose. Enjoy the image!

I absolutely HATE the use of the word "gay" used as an insult. I have an LJ friend who uses it and defends her right to use it. I don't argue with her, because we all have our faults, but whatever.

Your conversation sounds a lot like the conversations we have with Oakley, excapt he argues about it all, because he apparently KNOWS EVERYTHING! In fact, we are thinking of turning the economy over to him, as he seems to have a great plan involveing his bank, his stuffed cat and "Monopoly".

Thanks for the laugh!

Bubblewench said...

This was pretty funny... and I totally love the Gay Catholic witch comment.. too hysterical!