Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Importance of the Clanger

Yesterday was our last day of school before the winter break (oops, I almost slipped and typed "brake".) Anywho, we had the children and their parents gather for a singalong and cookie social. Earlier that morning, before the parents had gotten there, the lead teacher read all of our kids The Polar Express. I figure almost everybody knows what the book is about, so I won't rehash it's plot, but the eventual lesson of the story is that as long as the main character can hear his little bell from Santa's sleigh ring, he'll always believe in Santa. Preschool children interpret this lesson as Santa will always believe in THEM.

Well, for the very last song of our singalong, the lead teacher handed out a small gift of a large jingle bell to each child. Only one child, who just happens to be named a very Christmas-y name, went to ring his bell and...nothing happened. I saw this little boy's face fall out of the corner of my eye as he shook the bell again, even harder, and still no sound came out. Suddenly, the little boys mouth twisted into a tiny, puckered pout and he let out the most heart-wrenching wail I had ever heard:


Luckily his daddy was one of those completely in tune and on the ball types and saw this horrible event unfolding and told his son that Santa knew that he still believed in him. We replaced the bell with a working one and all was well. But I have to say, I think I will hear that horrified cry for the rest of this Christmas season.

And on another note, thanks to Wide Lawns for mentioning me in her blog. I have been a fan since I read a wonderful post she wrote about a redneck and a trampoline. That was actually one I read out loud to Hubby. I wanted to let everyone new know that I did not write the little blurb to the left about Living in Muddy Waters. That came from a pastor's sermon at a progressive church in the mountains. I thanked him in the very first post of this blog, but I can't remember his name now at this moment. I'm cursed with being scrupulously honest, so when I started to see new names popping up reading my blog, I thought I better mention it again.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

That story about the little boy's bell just "brakes" me heart...

I came here from WLNM and am having a great read. Thanks!