Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I Might Be Overreacting

If you read the previous post about the possible bathroom pedophile, there is another story that just recently happened, or at least, resolved itself, that may explain why I am so skeeved out by what occurred in the bathroom.

Several years ago, E and I had been at the World's Most Dangerous Playground. As we were on our way back to my van, we were stopped by an older gentleman. He had on dark glasses, a white t-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white shoes and he was using a blind man's cane. It was hard to miss him. He asked me for directions to some local place and as I was giving him directions, he kept getting closer and closer to me and to E. I put E behind me, opened the van door and shoved her in, closing the door all the while keeping my body between her and the man. At the time I couldn't have explained why I felt so scared of an old, blind man.

It was just as I was about to open my driver side door that the man said, "Your daughter has such lovely blue eyes." He walked over to a bike, got on the bike and rode off. I started to shake and realized that I had just avoided something very bad.

I have never forgotten that day or that man's face. So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I saw the man's face on my local news. He had just been arrested at the World's Most Dangerous Playground for parole violations. It seems that this man is a repeat offender pedophile who takes indecent liberties with minors. He was sent back to jail and posted bond the next day.

There has been one other incident where someone has tried to take E (they actually tried to take the grocery cart her car seat was sitting on), so you can understand why I am so sensitive to these things. She has such a vibrant, shining personality, people- both good and bad- are drawn to her. So you'll excuse me if I overreact, but better safe than sorry, I say.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! That's creepy! I can't imagine being is such a situation! Thank god my kids are hideous and irritating. . .

Chris Garlington said...

Stupid internet! That's my post up there labeled "G" (which is my nickname). I just started using this OpenID thing and didn't realize how weird it looks--which is especially weird coming on the heels of your post about weirdness.