Sunday, November 9, 2008


"NEW ORLEANS – People with low cholesterol and no big risk for heart disease had dramatically lower rates of heart attacks, death and stroke if they took the cholesterol pill Crestor, a large study found."

What? Are you telling me that doctors are actually trying to say that people who don't have the risk factors for heart disease should take this medicine to prevent something that probably wouldn't happen to them anyway? Is that really what I am reading?

The article goes on to talk about Crestor causing a rise in the onset in high blood sugar and diabetes. MY BLOOD SUGAR was rising when I have never been diabetic before. I kept mentioning that fact to Evil Doctor and he kept brushing me off. He told me that it was still in normal ranges it. It was 99. 99 was the top of the range. 100 would have been considered pre-diabetic. It was never like that before Crestor and was not like that after Crestor. ARGH! I hate Evil Doctor.

The article also goes on to say that Crestor had more incidences of the serious muscle reactions. Uh, DUH!! I could have told you that. But did ED listen to me? NO! And they want EVERYONE to take it? Are you kidding me?


You have got to be kidding me! I'm so angry right now I could spit. I hate this medicine. I hate this medicine. I HATE THIS MEDICINE!!

Do not take medicine for needless reasons and do not let doctors intimidate you into taking needless medicines for needless reasons. That is why there are Superbugs in the world. This has been a non-medical report brought to you by Living in Muddy Waters who has no medical degree whatsoever, just a whole lot of horse sense!


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Anonymous said...

You know those commercials for prescription pills with the usual warnings of possible side effects? My sons and I always have a big laugh at the fact that the side effects are usually worse than the symptoms the pills are supposed to treat. It's incredible, really.