Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Daughter Wants to Feed the Homeless

I swear to you, I really am not trying to turn into a philanthropical blogsite. It just seems to be the direction things have been going lately. BUT....that being said, I have a silly request. My daughter is learning about Frida Kahlo in her art class. She found it very intriguing that Frida had polio. It was very coincidental that she learned this on the same day she had to go to her well-child doctor's appointment and get 2 booster shots. While consoling her afterwards, I was trying to explain to her that getting these shots now would prevent her from getting sick later and that she was actually very lucky, because all over the world, lots of children didn't get these shots and they still got sick. She asked me specifically about polio and I said, yes, polio still exists.

One thing led to another and we started talking about how many people all over the world and even in America are starving and don't have enough to eat and this really struck a nerve with her. She told me right then and there that while, yes, she did still want presents this year, she was willing to give up some presents if it meant some homeless people got more food. Of course I thought this was all just a child's short-term memory talk and that thought would fly by and be done with by the next Word Girl episode, but it wasn't. E sat down the other night to make her Santa list (this is probably my last year with Santa *sigh*, but that's another post) and on her list she said she wanted to feed the homeless. I was shocked. But still, I thought this too would pass, until today when we went to the dreaded WALMART! I hate Walmart, but I especially hate it the day before Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we were getting out of the car and she heard the familiar ring of the Salvation Army bells and she grabbed the change out of my console (without even asking, I might add) and headed straight for the bell ringer. Once she gave the bucket the money, she asked me what they used the money for. So I told her they bought toys for kids, clothes for people, hotel rooms for people who lost their homes to fire and food for the hungry. She asked if she could be a bell ringer and I told her I would do it with her if she really wanted to do it. She's incredibly shy, so the verdict's still out on that one, but here's my request: The next time you pass by a Salvation Army bell ringer, will you put an extra quarter in for E and then put a little note on my blog that I can share with her? Say Santa told you a little girl asked you to help feed the homeless. And if you have a blog, even if you are a grinchy type, would you be willing to ask others to do this, just this once and help pass it on?

I am not someone who passes on chain memes or lots of questions, and I don't rant and rave at others. I'm really a very mild-mannered blogger with a dark and twisty attitude. In fact, I have convinced myself no one will really do this. And I'm not trying to draw more people to my blog or be a do-gooder in a dark world, I'm just trying to let my daughter know that she is right, one person can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

We gave to Goodwill and St. Jude's! We also gave to the red cross!

Go E!

This is lazy andie, not logging in...

pastor's wife too said...

you sure are raising your daughter well!

Please tell E that I will be making a donation to feed the homeless too at salvation army because santa asked me to :)

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Thank you! E gathered her friends together one day and went Christmas caroling with them. They raised 22 dollars for the local food bank. When people heard the story of how she pulled her friends together for such a good cause, they just started handing her checks, so she made over 100.

But hearing that Santa told you made her day.

Suffer Kate said...

I give. A lot. In fact, I once took a high-stress job I knew I'd hate [and which would beat me up and leave me in a puddle of non-functional] because the pay would allow me to donate money to the Humane Society here in Memphis. If I had one wish, it would be to be able to BE a philanthropist. I know my little donations here and there don't make a huge difference, but they matter to me. That said, of course I'm going to donate extra money to the SA this upcoming holiday season.