Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Post from my Former Blog

What does one use duct tape for? Let's ponder this question. I use duct tape on when something comes apart. You may use duct tape on plumbing or electrical fixtures. I knew someone once who used duct tape to hold pieces together on their 1976 Vega (okay, that was me too).

But my Mother-in-law came up with what can only be described as the most NON-recommended use for duct tape. One day she was contemplating waxing her legs. You lather the wax on, wait for it to harden a little and then pull till your eyes water. Well, she thought, why pay so much money for wax when DUCT TAPE WILL DO THE SAME THING! I kid you not. She asked me my opinion of using duct tape to wax her legs and I just about choked on the drink I was sipping.

"Surely you're not serious," I said.

"But why not?" she replied, "it couldn't hurt any worse than waxing."

"You don't think so? Duct tape is meant to stick FOREVER to something. WAX is not."

Now, I don't really know if she proceeded to try this or not, but she was seriously considering it. I bring it up because my hubby and his family seem to be preoccupied with being hairless. MIL didn't like hair on her legs, fair enough, but Hubby HATES hair on his back. He hates it so much that one day he decided he would try to use NAIR on his back.

"Um, Hubby, have you ever used Nair on any part of your body before?" I asked, hiding my rolling eyes.

"No, but if it works on legs, it should work on back hair, right?" He theorized.

"Maybe," I said, "but you need to do a skin test first. Use a little bit on an inch of your skin and wait a day. I mean, it burns the hair off, it's pretty rough on your skin and the skin on your back is pretty soft."

"That's silly. People use this all the time. Just rub this on my back, will you?"

I pursed my lips and did as Hubby asked. He gets stubborn like that sometimes and I have learned it is better not to argue. It's part of his learning through hindsight as opposed to foresight thing I mentioned a while back. The next day the hair had been completely removed from his back, but you couldn't tell because his back was completely covered with a nasty, blistering burn. He was in body-shaking pain for about three days. Any chance I got I patted him on the back, just to make my point.To this day, when he gets a burr up his butt that I KNOW to be a bad idea, I still say "Remember the Nair?"

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Bubblewench said...

i'm really sorry for laughing at your husband but this is flat out a 'man' thing.. "My wife can't be right!"

i am cracking up.