Friday, October 24, 2008

Just When I Thought I Had Seen it All


I have been working with kids now in various functions for nigh going on 20 years. All ages of kids, all kinds of kids. That means I have been working with all kinds of parents. But I saw it all.

Today one of my sweetest and most lovable kindergarteners brought in a show and tell for class (one child is chosen for each day.) Out of the show and tell bag comes a clipping from a branch with dark blue berries on it. Then out comes a plastic baggy full of dark blue berries to share. This little boy and his mom had gone out into his yard and collected enough dark blue berries for EVERYONE in the classroom to sample some. Only, notice how I placed a space between blue and berries? I did this because he didn't bring in blueberries, he brought in the dark blue berries of the Virginia Creeper. The POISONOUS dark blue berries of the Virginia Creeper.

I swear, people should be required to take a parental training class before being allowed to have a kid.

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